5 Things Parents Should Know About Kids Braces in Airdrie

5 Things Parents Should Know About Kids Braces in Airdrie

kids-braces-airdrieWhen it comes to getting braces, kids will often put up a fight. For a brief period of time, your kids might think getting braces is kind of…interesting. But then they see what other kids have to go through and the response to their parents and dentist is: no way!

It would be nice if we could just say “no way” to the things in life we don’t want and that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. And dental braces are one area in which saying “no way” is definitely not the best option.

To help your children see the light about kids’ braces, we’ve got some factoids that just might help you convince them that braces are the way to go. This information will likely do much to put your mind at ease about the orthodontic process as well.

Kids braces Airdrie: 5 things every parent should know about kids & braces

Here are five key factors that will help get kids and parents on board when it comes to orthodontics.

1. Getting braces isn’t just for looks

The number one reason for patients to decide they want orthodontics is because of aesthetics. However, this is not the number one reason why dentists recommend orthodontic treatment. Of course, aesthetics are important to us and we want everyone to love their smile. But it’s function that is our main concern.

We want to make sure that your teeth, as well as those of your child, are in good working order. Orthodontia is a way to improve a patient’s bite and the way the teeth fit together. It is a way to prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and pain – including teeth, head, jaw, and neck pain.

2. Going into orthodontics now is so much easier than waiting until later

As a child grows and develops, their bones continually get stronger. During their younger years, their jaw bones are still rather soft, when compared to adult jaw bones. This makes moving teeth so much easier and less uncomfortable than it is for adults.

This is not to say that adult orthodontics can’t or shouldn’t happen. It’s just another way to convince kids that the time for kids’ braces is now! A lot of kids hear that getting braces is painful. We’re not going to lie – it can be uncomfortable after an adjustment. But, with some ibuprofen, any discomfort is gone within a day or two. That is, of course, if they experience any discomfort in the first place. Many kids don’t have any issues at all, in part because their bones are softer.

According to Today’s Parent, the Canadian Association of Orthodontics recommends that children get their first orthodontic consultation by age seven. While this may seem young, dentists can do wonders with young patients – fixing potential problems that, if not addressed now, could require surgical correction later.

3. Patience is a virtue

Both children and parents need patience when it comes to orthodontics. In most cases, it’s not the fastest process in the world. This is where kids need to exercise some patience. If they focus on other things and keep themselves busy, the time will fly.

We’ve found that parents need patience, too. There are two reasons for this. First, kids will probably (at first, at least) complain about having to be in kids’ braces. Second, getting them to clean their teeth properly while in orthodontics can, at times, be a struggle. It isn’t a lost cause, though. With some time, proper instruction, and knowing the reasons behind why proper oral hygiene is needed, many kids come around. But, alas, it takes patience.

4. A beautiful smile is a proven child-confidence booster

When it comes to self confidence, our teeth play a huge role. According to HelloMagazine.com, two-thirds of people polled who didn’t like their teeth said this feeling had a negative impact on their confidence levels.

If adults feel that way, just imagine how kids must feel. Child confidence often goes down the tubes during adolescence, and smile full of crooked teeth does nothing to help the situation. By getting braces as soon as they’re recommended, you’re able to help boost child confidence during the most formative years.

5. There are options

If your child is a kids braces Airdrie candidate…Metal braces aren’t particularly popular because most people don’t want to have a mouth full of metal. We get that, and we’re extremely excited that patients now have more options. Invisalign braces and clear or invisible braces can often do the job of regular metal appliances, but they look so much better. When kids hear they have options, they’re more likely to be on board with going into orthodontics.

Your First Dental Airdrie: Our goal is to give your kids the confidence they need

We totally understand that getting your kids excited about the prospect of braces can be difficult. That’s where we can help. Besides telling your kids all of the important reasons why they need to get braces, we can also show them some beautiful before and after pictures. These pictures show what a difference some orthodontics can do, and we’ve had many patients change their mind after seeing some dramatic changes.

We want to help get your kids onboard with kids’ braces. It has been our experience that kids who get their teeth and bite straightened out at a young age get a major confidence boost. And isn’t that something we all want our children to have? So when you need help convincing your kids that braces are a good idea, be sure to let us give you a hand with that!

Are your kids ready for dental braces? Contact our office to schedule an examination. We’ll create a custom treatment plan according to their needs. With braces from You First Dental, general dentist Airdrie, we’re sure your child’s confidence will soon soar.