Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can help to improve your self esteem

dental-veneers-airdrieDo you feel that damage to your teeth is affecting your relationships with others or that your bite is not quite right? If you have spots on your teeth, or if you have chipped or broken teeth, dental veneers may be one method of concealing the damage, enabling more effective repair of broken teeth.

Dental veneers are slithers of porcelain that fit securely and neatly over unsightly teeth and help to restore teeth to their normal shape and colour.


Dental veneers can help to restore damaged teeth

Dental veneers mimic natural teeth by restoring a healthier and more natural look. Due to their slim characteristics and their superior bonding potential brought about by a substance that has similarities to super glue, only a small amount of preparation is normally required.

Dental veneers make a tooth with a chip look whole again. The porcelain completely covers the tooth’s front surface and a thicker section replaces the broken part. Often, veneers are used to reduce small gaps. If a single tooth is not quite in the correct position it may be possible to fit a veneer so that the tooth aligns well with surrounding teeth.

We can help repair those damaged teeth with dental veneers

dental-veneers-colours-airdrieHere at our Airdrie dental clinic, we can offer a dental veneer installation after assessing the damage to your teeth and discussing the various options and their cost with you carefully.

We can offer tooth veneers and white veneers that can improve the shape, colour, and position of your teeth without the need for extractions. A shade of porcelain can be selected which gives exactly the right colour to improve just one discoloured tooth and also to lighten the obvious teeth at the front.

Here at You First Dental in Airdrie we will make an ‘impression’ of the affected tooth and this is passed onto the dental technician who will make the veneer. Before the veneer is made the colour of the teeth surrounding the affected tooth is matched using a comprehensive shade guide so that the veneer looks completely natural.

The preparation of a dental veneer is not a surgical procedure and only takes two visits. During the first visit to You First Dental, we will prepare the tooth, make an impression and match it to my shade guide. At the second visit we will fit it permanently using strong adhesives.


Repair of your damaged teeth may be the option you are looking for

Have you been feeling down because of the sight of your damaged teeth or you have been noticing that your bite just doesn’t feel right? It may be time to explore the options available and the possibility of using dental veneers to help repair your teeth and bring back a smile to your face.

You can schedule an appointment or free consultation with us to discuss your options or get started.