Can stress cause jaw pain?

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The most common link between grinding your teeth and stress: TMJ

If you suffer from chronic jaw pain, it’s possible that your jaw pain may be caused by stress. Stress can make you clench or grind your teeth both during the day and when you are asleep. This grinding can cause unnecessary damage to your teeth and jaw, leading to long-term problems with TMJ disorder such as recurring headaches and neck pain, or even temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) that causes clicking or popping in the jaw joint, along with additional facial pain or discomfort.

What Is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)?

TMJ disorder (also called temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD) refers to a condition that causes pain or dysfunction in your jaw muscles and joints. TMJ disorders can result from a wide range of causes, but is commonly associated with stress and fatigue. This may explain why about two-thirds of people with TMJ disorder report experiencing stress-related jaw clenching.

Are you currently stressed and clenching and grinding your teeth?

TMJ disorder and stress are strongly linked, according to many physical therapists and dentists who treat disorders of the temporomandibular joint. Actually, the majority of stressed individuals grind their teeth while they sleep, or clench their jaws many hours of the day. Being stressed can create a vicious cycle that makes you more likely to clench your jaws all the time. Clenching too much and too often can strain and damage muscles and joints, which in turn hurts even more—another cause for worry, if you’re prone to anxiety. Are you currently stressed and clenching and grinding your teeth? You’re not alone and there is a solution.

3 Signs Your Teeth Grinding Could Lead to Jaw Pain
Is your nightly grinding causing jaw pain? If you’re experiencing any of these three symptoms, you may need to make some changes:

1. Jaw pain while chewing or biting food
2. Sharp jaw pain attacks
3. TMJ ear and jaw pain

Most of us will notice a connection between our teeth, jaws and our stress levels. When we clench or grind our teeth at night, it can lead to immediate short-term TMJ jaw pain as well as potential long-term issues.

It is clear that taking action (ask your doctor or dentist about TMJ jaw pain) is the best way forward. When left untreated, more jaw pain and other health issues could be in your future.

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Dental Tips to decrease the effects of Nighttime Grinding

If you suffer from nighttime jaw pain, you may have a TMJ pain disorder. Grinding your teeth is one sign of this disorder, but other symptoms include:

• Clicking and popping in your jaw joint
• Dull pain or aching in your temples
• Pain when chewing
• Ear pain or headaches
• Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks

Just temporary, some people will put a small, soft item between their teeth at night to avoid extensive teeth grinding. Obviously, this is not a sufficient or long-term solution.

One possible  Solution: A night guard from You First Dental in Airdrie
To help combat serious problems with your TMJ, it is crucial to have a custom-made  night guard made by Dentist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan in Airdrie. Not only will it help you relax more and lessen your stress, but it will also give you some much-needed pain relief as well.
You First Dental in Airdrie is here to help make your life better by giving you fast and effective TMJ jaw pain and teeth grinding treatment. There’s no need to put up with sharp pain or soreness in your jaw while you sleep.
Let’s discuss a custom made night guard. Book your appointment today!

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