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A dentist may be able to help with sleep apnea

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You First Dental, here in Airdrie, may be able to help relieve your sleep apnea symptoms, especially if it is OSA you are suffering from. It is important to determine how your sleep apnea developed and what is causing it. This will provide clues to possible treatment options.

We can also offer help on how you can study your sleep habits so you can determine how seriously affected you are by sleep apnea and why you are always tired.

If we discover that your sleep apnea is weight related we can’t really help you directly with that, but we can help by fitting a sleep apnea device such as a tongue retaining appliance. This appliance fits in your mouth and you use it overnight to prevent your tongue restricting your airways. It positions your tongue further forwards so that it is unable to collapse when your muscles relax.

Time to get a good nights sleep

Sleep apnea can be much more of an inconvenience. It can affect your lifestyle and overall health as well as impinge on your family. Treatment options for sleep apnea and snoring are available; you can book an appointment or free consultation for us to discuss these together.

Your symptoms will be assessed and we should be able to devise a plan that will set you on the road to a well deserved good night’s sleep.


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Sleep Apnea FAQ's

- moments during sleep in which you stop breathing

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