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Custom Sports Guard: Essential Gear for Active Individuals in Airdrie

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When it comes to athletic activities, a sports guard plays a crucial role in shielding your teeth from possible harm. Each year, the world sees millions of teeth damaged or lost in the sporting arena due to an inefficient or non-existent sports guard. Hence, it’s essential to have the best sports guard for braces, for those who need it, or a custom sports guard that snugly fits your dental structure.

Why Opt for a Mouth guard in Sports Activities?

Engaging in sports often exposes you to potential oral injuries. Be it a knock from a foot or an elbow, or an upward thrust to the base of the skull, the repercussions could range from tooth damage to concussions. In such scenarios, a sports guard for basketball, rugby, or any other sport acts as a buffer, absorbing and dispersing the impact energy to protect the front teeth.

Uncovering the Benefits of a Sports Guard

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The benefits of a sports guard are manifold. Athletes, without a safety mouth piece, face a 60 times greater risk of dental damage. Annually, a sports guard for boxing, combined with a face guard, reportedly prevents about 200,000 injuries in college and high school football alone.

The Cost of Ignoring Dental Protection in Sports

Imagine the cost of a dental implant and the ensuing treatment – it can scale up to $5000. With a dental sports guard, athletes participating in contact sports can significantly reduce their 10% seasonal risk of sustaining orofacial injuries.

In Canada, hundreds of sports injuries related to lost or damaged teeth are treated annually, with each case potentially costing thousands of dollars. Therefore, investing in a dental protector such as a custom sports guard for braces, can save you a lot.

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Here's How We Help to Protect Your Smile in Airdrie

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If you’re looking to safeguard your oral health, we at You First Dental in Airdrie can assist you with a dental guard that’s comfortable, sufficiently thick, and provides your teeth with the necessary protection. We’ll take into account your previous dental history and the nature of your sport before crafting a suitable mouthguard.

Custom Sports Guards for a Variety of Sports

Whether you need a sports guard for hockey, wrestling, football, surfing, or acrobatics, our recommendation leans towards custom athletic mouthguards.

We also cater to specific needs like a sports guard for teeth grinding, a children’s sports guard, or an adult sports guard. For those wearing braces, we have custom sports guards for orthodontics. We even offer flavoured sports guards for an enjoyable experience.

Proper Mouth Protection Can Save Your Smile and Wallet

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A properly crafted mouthguard from our experienced dental team can protect your teeth from unexpected impact and the subsequent repair costs. Whether you need a sports guard for upper and lower teeth or a sports guard for TMJ, we have you covered. We even provide a sports guard case for storage.

Custom Mouth guards: A Worthwhile Investment

Remember, the cost of replacing a completely displaced tooth can exceed the price of a custom-made mouthguard by 20 times. So why wait? Visit us in Airdrie to explore your options and learn how to choose a sports guard best suited for you.

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