What is TMJ?

Learn about TMJ pain in Airdrie, AB.

Is your TMJ giving you a pain filled day?

Have you been experiencing a number of worrying symptoms, including a pain in your jaw?

It may be your TMJ that is causing you stress. TMJ is short for the temporomandibular joint, but the acronym is used to mean temporomandibular Joint disorder or sometimes TMJ syndrome.

TMJ has a number of known causes, ranging from repetitive strain injury, a sports induced injury, whiplash from a vehicle accident, dental work and implant dentistry. Mental stress or a trauma can also cause TMJ.

TMJ symptoms are not always clear

The muscles surrounding the jaw can become tight, which causes pain throughout the head and neck. It is difficult to open the jaw with a smooth action and the movement of the jaw becomes restricted.

Clicking and popping also takes place when a person inflicted with TMJ pain tries to move his or her jaw. Accompanied with the jaw problems are headaches and migraines, teeth grinding at night and clenching during the day.

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Symptoms of TMD are often carried a long way from the joint through the system of nerves in the head, so a victim is never completely sure where the route of the pain is leading to other symptoms like;

None of the symptoms is easy to live with, especially if they are chronic, but there are some solutions available to rid you of the problem. These mainly lie with dental treatment options that we can advise you about here at You First Dental in Airdrie. 

There is a dental option for your TMJ close at hand

Once you have made the step to seek treatment, you are on the way to finding a treatment option for your TMJ.

At the consultation, a full examination will take place and your prior medical history will be consulted too. If it is found that your TMJ is misaligned which is causing tightness in the joint and associated pain our You First Dental dentist will assess the correct position of your jaw by using relaxation techniques to relax your TMJ.

Once the right position for your jaw has been established – which allows your TMJ to move freely without inflicting pain on the nerves throughout the head, neck and shoulders – we can move on to the next step.

At You First Dental we can custom design a mouth guard that may help to keep your TMJ correctly aligned. Continuous use at night may eventually cause your TMJ to remain in the right place and so the stress that the misaligned TMJ has been placing on your nerves may be eliminated.

If this simple technique still does not do the job, there are some surgical techniques available, too, as well as options such as orthodontics, or a full mouth reconstruction, which involves rebuilding damaged and missing teeth to provide a more optimal bite.

Time to make a problem with your TMJ go away!

Issues with a TMJ pain, its diagnosis, causes and treatment options are well established. There is no need to suffer from TMJ pain any more than you should. You can contact a dentist to get your TMJ pain assessed thoroughly.

Here at You First Dental in Airdrie we can suggest one or more different strategies to address the root cause of your pain and this may help to relieve your TMJ pain. To learn more or get started, you can schedule an appointment or complimentary consultation with us.

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