Adult Braces Airdrie

Adult Braces Airdrie

Are you concerned about how your teeth look when you smile?

Just because you are an adult it does not mean you can’t benefit from orthodonticoptions. Many adults today are making their teeth’s appearance more of a priority. Aiming to have a straighter smile and a more appealing look is becoming much more common.

At You First Dental here in Airdrie, we offer multiple orthodontic options or dental braces for adults.

Why have a straighter smile?

In the past, adults were more accepting of changes in their teeth as they grew older, or they may have assumed that it was a natural phenomenon and couldn’t do too much about it. Many people used to think if teeth were crooked that it was too late in life to straighten their smile. Some adults were also put off wearing traditional braces as they didn’t want to show off a mouth full of metal.

These days, many adults are willing to try anything to maintain a more youthful appearance, eliminate signs of aging by obtaining straighter teeth and a more aesthetic straight smile. The fact is it’s never really been too late to straighten teeth. Modern dental procedures can help to straighten adult teeth without being too noticeable to others.

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Different types of braces for straighter teeth

We can fit some types of devices like clear aligners, which are almost invisible and fit comfortably over your teeth to gently move them into the best possible position.​

One of the commonly used at You First Dental here in Airdrie is Invisalign®. This is most suitable for teeth which only need to be moved a little. They have the ability in certain situations to straighten teeth that are crooked and straighten teeth without braces that are not made of visible metal parts.

Many adult orthodontic procedures don’t necessarily require excessive movement of teeth that are crooked, but just enough to give a straighter smile.

There are a variety of other modern types of braces that are suitable as orthodontics for adults. They have the convenience of smaller brackets than conventional metal brackets and there’s no necessity for bands to completely encase the teeth.

Bonded brackets, as well as being quite a lot smaller than metal brackets, can feel less painful and may seem to be more aesthetic.

A straighter smile may be just around the corner!

If you are constantly looking in the mirror and see crooked tooth staring back at you it may just make you consider doing something positive about it.

You can make a start by arranging a complimentary consultation with us in Airdrie to discuss the various options available after a careful assessment of your teeth has been made. There may be an orthodontic solution waiting for you to give you a straighter smile.


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