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Your smile is the first thing people notice about you

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There are many studies that have been done about what people notice first about you. Some say it is your eyes, but more recent ones say it is your smile.

In fact, a recent survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry discovered that 71% of women and 58% of men agreed that teeth are the first thing they notice! So not just your smile but your teeth!

Are you happy with your teeth or are you hesitant to smile?

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What is a “Cosmetic Dentist”?

Dentist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan: “I can NOT call myself an Airdrie cosmetic dentist because according the Alberta Dental College there is no such thing as a cosmetic dentist. (Note: There is no official certification for any dentist to learn “Cosmetic Dentistry”.)” Nevertheless, we all can perform Cosmetic Dental Treatments.

Having a smile you are proud to flash freely is important to your self-confidence and your happiness. Because we put our patients first, we provide Airdrie cosmetic dentistry services to improve smiles and improve our patients’ appearance and self-image.

We provide Dental Crowns & BridgesDental Veneers, and Teeth Whitening to get our patients’ teeth to where they are delighted with their new smiles.

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What do people say about You First Dental?

Airdrie Cosmetic Dentistry: Your smile can change your outlook on life!

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It’s not too late to fall in love with your smile or have someone else fall in love with it! We can also straighten your adult teeth if that is part of helping you to achieve your very best smile.

Whatever treatment you require, our cosmetic dentist Airdrie can provide it for you at You First Dental. We listen carefully to your concerns, your questions, and your hopes for your smile, and then we get to work on delivering your new, improved smile.

Cosmetic dentistry Airdrie is often regarded as a “nice-to-have” but in reality, cosmetic treatments often address dental health issues as well as improve your teeth’s appearance. Sometimes imperfections in your teeth, left unaddressed, can lead to decay, cracks, or issues with your bite.

Our dentists at You First Dental can offer you cosmetic dentistry treatments that will improve your oral health as well as your smile. What could be better than having both?

We invite you to pay us a visit and we can talk about your new smile together.

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