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More than just keeping your teeth clean

Dental hygiene is something you probably think about just about every day, not just because you are concerned about the state of your teeth, but also because you are concerned with their appearance as well. Bad breath is also often a cause for concern.

Regular dental cleaning helps to ensure your gums and teeth are kept healthy and aids in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay as well as maintaining a high standard of oral health.

Apart from this, the dental hygienist at You First Dental in Airdrie would also recommend the use of a mouthwash, brushing and flossing twice a day, being sure to reach every tooth, regular tongue cleaning, and maintaining a healthy diet. Amongst other things this includes reducing your intake of sugar ladened foods and sodas.

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Why is dental hygiene so important?

Good dental hygiene can help to prevent the onset of dental problems, such as the occurrence of tartar and plaque, which can lead on to gum disease and tooth decay. Since oral health and overall health are closely related, having good oral health can also prevent general health problems as well.

Good dental hygiene may also assist in the prevention of dental erosion. When bacteria come into contact with saliva and food, a soft white deposit called plaque forms on the teeth’s surface. Plaque contains many kinds of bacteria that can damage your teeth and cause tooth decay. The good thing is that plaque can be removed by a dental hygienist. Tartar is the plaque that has hardened and calcified and becomes stuck firmly to your teeth. A dental hygienist can help to remove this.

Poor dental hygiene may create future dental problems

If adequate dental hygiene is not maintained, holes can start to develop in your teeth’s enamel. These are called caries and occur as a result of plaque build-up. The bacteria in plaque react with starches and sugars in food and form acids. These are kept in close proximity to the teeth by the sticky plaque and start to dissolve the tooth’s enamel.

Here at You First Dental in Airdrie, we treat many patients who require the need for fillings, inlays or crowns. These help to reinforce the decayed tooth and conceal the damage done by the decay.

We also treat cases of bleeding gum disease, which are related to plaque formation and the presence of certain types of bacteria. Gingivitis is an early form of gum disease when the gums have become inflamed, while periodontitis reveals itself if gingivitis worsens and starts to spread to the tissue that links the teeth to the gums. Gum disease is a reason why so many people lose their teeth prematurely and its presence causes bad breath, too.

Routine oral hygiene can help to prevent tooth decay

Fortunately, we know so much about the teeth today that it is possible with good dental hygiene to help prevent tooth decay and tooth loss. Here at You First Dental in Airdrie, we ask our patients to make an appointment at least twice a year so that our dental hygienist can give their teeth a good clean, ensuring that all plaque and tartar is removed.

You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your oral health, or book an appointment with our dental hygienist to help maintain your Airdrie dental hygiene.

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