Root Canal treatment

Root canal treatment when tooth decay gets serious

root-canal-airdrieRoot canal treatment is a procedure used to treat a tooth infection, which has occurred at the centre of a tooth. This is where the root canal system is situated.

Here at You First Dental in Airdrie we perform root canal treatments as it is a way of relieving a patient’s pain while saving the tooth. This sort of treatment is often the only way of saving a tooth when decay has reached a more advanced state.


Tooth structure and infection explained

A tooth is composed of two main parts. One is the crown, which is the part of the tooth that is easy to see in the mouth while the other is the root.

The remaining parts are;

  • the enamel, which is the hard outer coating;
  • the dentine, which is a substance which covers the tooth;
  • the cementum, which is a hard material that covers the surface of the root;
  • dental pulp, which is soft material found at the tooth’s centre.

The dental pulp is contained within the root canal system and extends from the end of the root to the crown of the tooth. On occasions, the pulp dies when it becomes infected with bacteria and more bacteria passes along the root canal causing the tissues surrounding the end of the tooth to become swollen and red. This can cause pain in the tooth and even swelling of the face.

The infection in the root canal area normally occurs as a result of bacteria that thrive in the mouth and attack the teeth.

This can occur following;

  • leaks in fillings;
  • tooth decay
  • tooth damage due to a trauma, like a fall.

How root canal infection can be treated


There are two ways to eliminate the root canal infection. One is by extracting the tooth and the second is by eliminating the bacteria from the root canal system. Once the bacteria have been eliminated, the root canal can be filled and the tooth is sealed with a crown or filling.

In case you are afraid of the dentist it will be good to know that a local anaesthetic is normally used so there should be minimal pain during root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is normally successful in 90% of cases. A tooth that has gone through root canal treatment has a survival rate of up to 10 years, but it’s important to care for your teeth too, by ensuring good oral hygiene avoiding sugary foods and not smoking.


Don’t let bacteria get the better of you

If you arrange an appointment at You First Dental here in Airdrie, we can help you relieve your tooth pain and save your tooth through root canal treatment.

You can also arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss your oral health needs.