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Understanding Dental Crown and Bridge Procedures in Airdrie

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Dental crowns and bridges are the perfect solution for missing or damaged teeth. Being fixed artificial devices, they offer sturdy tooth repair and replacement options, impossible to remove without professional assistance.

Airdrie’s Leading Dental Crown Services: Strengthen and Enhance Your Teeth

In case of damaged teeth, a dental crown procedure involves encapsulating or “capping” the troubled tooth. This dental crown strengthens it, elevates its appearance, and restores the tooth’s original shape.

At You First Dental in Airdrie, we offer dental crown material options like ceramic, porcelain, metal alloys, and gold. The dental crown cost varies based on the chosen material.

Discover the Best Materials for Dental Crowns in Airdrie

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Porcelain dental crowns can match your existing teeth’s colour for an aesthetic look, while gold dental crowns or those made from metal alloys provide added strength, ideal for back teeth. But what is the best material for a dental crown? The answer depends on your specific needs and your dentist’s recommendations.

Expertly Guided Dental Crown Procedure Steps in Airdrie

The dental crown procedure steps involve replacing a large filling when a tooth is heavily damaged, shielding a vulnerable tooth, restoring the functionality of a broken tooth, attaching a dental bridge, camouflaging a dental implant, and improving the look of a discoloured or misshapen tooth. Understanding potential dental crown complications and their solutions are part of the consultation.

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Airdrie's Trusted Dental Bridge Services: Bridging the Gap in Your Smile

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For one or more missing teeth, we might suggest a dental bridge procedure. Neglected gaps caused by tooth loss can shift or rotate other teeth, resulting in a misaligned bite. This condition could lead to oral health issues and even Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), a cause for headaches and muscle pain.

Secure and Durable Dental Bridges at Airdrie’s You First Dental

The dental bridge spans the area of the missing tooth and is cemented to the existing natural teeth or implants bordering the space. These anchor-like teeth are called abutments, onto which a new tooth (pontic) is affixed.

Don’t Let Missing or Damaged Teeth Ruin Your Day: Solutions at Airdrie’s You First Dental

Don’t let the lack or damage of teeth ruin your day. A front teeth dental crown can improve the appearance of a broken tooth, and a dental bridge can restore your missing teeth.

Dental bridge types and materials, like a zirconia dental bridge or a porcelain dental bridge, offer different benefits. The cost of the dental bridge procedure can also vary.

Your Go-to Dental Specialists in Airdrie: Comprehensive Crown and Bridge Services

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At You First Dental, we provide local dental crown and bridge specialist services. We can help determine the appropriate solutions for your dental crown or dental bridge, considering your insurance coverage for dental crown and dental bridge.

Unbeatable Temporary Dental Crown and Bridge Options in Airdrie

We also offer options for a temporary dental crown or bridge during the treatment process and share effective dental crown and bridge aftercare instructions. From dental crown or bridge repairs, replacement, to maintenance, we ensure your new additions last as long as possible.

We also handle emergency dental crown repair, emergency dental bridge repair, and provide same-day dental crown and bridge services.

Choose the Best for Your Smile at You First Dental in Airdrie

Visit You First Dental in Airdrie to discuss the most suitable and affordable dental crown or bridge services for you. Whether it’s a dental crown for a broken tooth or a dental bridge for missing teeth, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you restore your smile today!

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