Dental Fillings

Fix tooth pain in Airdrie, AB.

Dental fillings can help solve nagging tooth pain

Dental fillings have been the traditional way to solve a cavity that has occurred in a tooth so that toothache can be eliminated and extraction avoided. If you have tooth pain or a sensitive tooth, the first thing we will look at here at You First Dental in Airdrie is whether you have any tooth decay.

If we find a cavity has developed in your tooth, the first course of action will be to use a filling as tooth decay treatment which will be fixed permanently into any hole that has been created by tooth decay. It is a type of cavity filling treatment that could help to stop the spread of the decay and solve tooth pain and sensitive teeth.

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How are dental fillings applied?

The first step is to eliminate the decayed part of the tooth and try to fill the area on and around the tooth to replace the decay. We can also use fillings to help repair broken or cracked teeth and those that have worn down from such actions as tooth-grinding and nail biting. In the actual process of cavity treatment, pain can be kept to a minimum with a local anaesthetic.

The next step will involve using a drill, laser or air abrasion instrument to remove the tooth decay. What instrument is used will be determined by where and how much tooth decay there is. We will need to probe the area to ensure that there is no tooth decay remaining.

The next stage is preparing the space to accept a filling by thoroughly cleaning the cavity of unwanted bacteria and debris. If the decay was found close to the root, we may need to fit a liner to help offer protection to the nerve. This might be made of composite resin or glass ionomer.

Tooth coloured fillings are often preferred

There are a variety of filling types available, but many of our patients prefer tooth coloured white fillings as they can seem more aesthetically pleasing. They do take longer to fit as they are applied in layers. After all the tooth decay has been removed and the area cleaned, we will start to apply the layers of the tooth-coloured material.

As each layer is fitted into place we will use a special light to “cure” or harden it. As soon as we think that sufficient layers have been applied we will trim and shape the dental fillings until they match the size and shape of adjacent teeth.

There are many choices of tooth fillings here at You First Dental in Airdrie. A cavity filling can be made from porcelain, gold, silver amalgam, or tooth-coloured glass and plastic substances. These are also called composite resin fillings.

Don’t let that tooth decay get the better of you

Tooth decay can be insidious and leave you with more strife in the future if you allow it to go untreated. You don’t have to let tooth decay get the better of you as there are many ways that it can be treated effectively.

At You First Dental here in Airdrie, we can help you determine which filling will suit your requirements. This will depend on how much tooth decay is present and what type of filling you prefer.

You can arrange a free consultation or appointment with us where we can go through the options together.

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