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Dr. Darnell Dickson, Airdrie Dentist

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Dr Darnell Dickson Airdrie Dentist

“Dr. Dickson, what is your favorite thing about working at You First Dental?”

It is literally like being in a Seinfeld episode each day! Such a fun environment where patient quality care is first and foremost

What is your favourite quote to live by?

Superior judgement is better than superior skill

5 things you did not know about me

  1. Ridiculously in love with my dog, Wilson
  2. I have 2 kids in University
  3. I’m a wanna be pilot
  4. I consider myself sarcastically funny
  5. I’m a big snowmobiler

Our thoughts on Dr. Dickson ...

“His sense of humour!”

“I actually really like his personality and sense of humor but more importantly I feel he truly cares about our patients :)”

“He’s very encouraging and fun to work with”

“I love seeing Dr. Dickson’s passion for dentistry! He is always educating staff members on new, exciting methods and treatments he is using on patients”

“My favorite thing about working with Dr Dickson is how caring and knowledgeable he is. He always makes sure he says Hello and Good Morning too all the staff before starting the day, he is always someone you can have a good laugh with.”

“Dr Dickson is a very passionate dentist who loves what he does. A perfectionist. Always on point. Always wants the best for his patient.”

“He has a great sense of humor, has patients best treatment in mind, willing to do extra to help them. supportive and encouraging to the staff”

“He has the best jokes in the office, always brightens up our day when he is around, he always puts the patients first”

“Dr. Dickson always has his patients best interests at heart and wants to do right by them. He will take the time to listen to their questions and concerns and answer them accordingly. I also enjoy that he has such a great sense of humour when it comes to working with an office full of women and the shenanigans that we pull sometimes.”

“He’s my kind of funny and a fantastic dentist. I’m really happy he’s part of our You First Family”

“Darnell was a natural fit with the personalities of our team. He understands the value of team work and equality. He remains calm in the midst of chaos, has a great sense of humour, is easy to be around with values and morals that align with the rest of our family oriented group. Darnell is passionate about his work, cares about his patients and their health and a quality that we love most, he laughs WITH us and thinks we are funny!!”

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