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When it comes to your health we think you should come first

With our hectic lives and many demands we often put ourselves last. Busy with careers, making ends meet, looking after our families and friends, we forget to carve out a little time for ourselves. Even when it comes to looking after our health.

You First Dental can help. When it comes to your oral health, we’re committed to putting you first – always.

Help Us, Help Others

Airdrie Dentist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan:

Our Motto Our Name

We chose the name of our practice very consciously. Our motto is as simple as it is exceptional: YOU, your health, well being and satisfaction come FIRST. But... our commitment does not end with our patients, we care about our community, and the world around us.

Caring For Community

Even in this age of sharing everything, there are so many people who need support. All age groups are affected. They require help with (E.G.) expensive medical needs, anxieties caused by social media pressures or bullying, life threatening diseases, domestic abuse, unexpected financial disasters, or personal home care.

Everyone Is Important

Airdrie dental clinic You First Dental, supports the Airdrie Angel program, because they seek to help those who have been through a difficult time or are living in challenging circumstances. In our practice, you'll find a donation display. Please give, because every dollar helps. Thank you!

How to make the world a better place?

Be you. Think global. Speak your heart. Do good. Resolve problems. Support compromise. Generate action. Give generously. Strengthen hearts. Build bridges. Have a purpose. Instill trust. Create beauty. Work hard. Help others. Exceed expectations. Contribute to the world. Protect all creatures. Show compassion. Care about people. Raise spirits. Choose peace. Motivate yourself. Achieve the impossible. Embrace change. Promote unity. Maintain peace. Reinvent the future. Condemn hatred. Present ideas. Find balance. Make a difference. Reconcile conflict. Stick together. Eliminate fear. Keep faith. Reflect deeply.

Don’t think: ‘Me first’. – Think: ‘You first.’ It will truly make the world a better place.


Making dentistry about you – one patient at a time.

Dr Jennifer


Focused on you being your best you

Dr Holly


Inspired by our incredible patients and amazing team

Dr Holly


Inspired by our incredible patients and amazing team

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Giving top notch dental care while putting you first is our mission. It is something we are truly passionate about.

We love coming to work everY day

We help people live happier, healthier lives with a team of like minded people who also love what they do. What more can we ask for?

No Pain

Is our aim

No judgement

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No fear

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