Meet our FUN-BUNCH!

Meet our FUN-BUNCH!

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All the dental care you need with a complete family dentistry package. Kids friendly, upbeat team, and affordable pricing. Contact us today!

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The only thing you wear 24/7 is your smile. Feel like you need some improvement? Look better in no time. Make an appointment toady!

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Straight teeth look better and feel better. We provide kids & adult braces, clear aligners (Invisalign) and much more. Make an appointment today!

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Missing teeth? Choose the best possible solution: Dental Implants. They look real, feel real, and will last way longer. Contact us today!

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Suffering from headaches, jaw, neck, or ear pain? The cause could be your bite. Come in for a TMJ Diagnosis session. Make an appointment today!

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Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health, relationship, and job. Stop sleep apnea or snoring problems. Make an apppointment today!

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At You First Dental Airdrie

Everyone is important

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At our Airdrie Dental Clinic

We love to have fun!

Dental treatment can be serious and there’s plenty of time for that. But … we are a positive, fun-loving bunch. A day without laughter, is a day not lived to the fullest. Smiling is a priority at You First Dental! Giving top notch dental care while putting you first is our mission. It is something we are truly passionate about.

We always try to see the bright side of things. We love coming to work every day. Because we help people live happier, healthier lives with a team of like minded people who also love what they do. What more can we ask for? So, how can we make things better for you, our patient, team, and the community we live in? Our motto is as simple as it is exceptional: YOU, your health, well being and satisfaction come FIRST.

If you have been searching for “dentist near me” or “dental clinic near me” look no further! Dr. Jennifer Buchanan is also serving the Airdrie communities of King’s Heights, Meadowbrook, Big Springs, Thornburn, Luxstone, Summerhill, Waterstone, Ridgegate, Bayside, Airdrie Meadows, Sagewood, Woodside Estates, Willow Brook, Fairways, Sunridge, Jensen, Silver Creek & Coopers Crossing.

And the Alberta communities of Crossfield, Carstairs, Didsbury, Cochrane, Balzac, Irricana, Beiseker, Olds, Acme, Madden, Kathyrn, Cremona, Kersey, Helmsdale, Nier, Jackville, Westcott, 

Airdrie Dentist Reviews

What do people say about You First Dental?

Airdrie Dentist
Dr. Buchanan:

What ‘You First’ means

My dentist Airdrie

Our motto is our name

Our name says it all: You First Dental. That’s what we stand for. Always.
My dental clinic Airdrie

Patients always come first

At YFD, your teeth, your mouth, and your health are always #1.

My dental office Airdrie

Caring for our community

What a great place to live, work, and play. Let’s make it even better!

My dental professional Airdrie

More than fixing teeth

We provide physiological oral care to keep you happy and healthy.

Treatment Now, Pay Later

Affordable dental financing Airdrie

Everyone is important

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Are you looking for a dentist in Airdrie?

You First Dental, a well known Dental Clinic in Airdrie, AB for more than 20 years, is focused on providing excellent, gentle, and effective dental treatments that can change your life.

Airdrie dentist,  Dr. Jennifer Buchanan, owner of You First Dental: Our motto is simple as it is exceptional: Everyone is important! Meaning: At You First Dental, YOU, your health, well-being and satisfaction come first. Our team is motivated and dedicated to make your dental visit at our Airdrie Dental office as pleasant, and as fun as possible.

Having a family dentist is actually a great idea, because ‘Family Dentistry’ provides dental treatments for every stage in your life. We all know that kids, adults, and seniors benefit from great oral health throughout our lives. Therefore, many families choose a trusted, professional, and caring family dentist in airdrie. As a primary dental care provider, he or she can perform all the dental treatments you need for all age groups. But many people get a little bit nervous when they have to choose a new dentist in Airdrie. Why? There are many answers to this single question:

1. Know your dentist
Having the dentist in your direct vicinity is convenient of course, but we strongly recommend to select the right dentist for you, not just the one near you. Since you probably look for a dentist in Airdrie, everything is relative close by. Go for the dentist that feels good to you. Yes, it will take some time to find the right one, but really, it’s worth it.

2. Make a “Wish-List”
Not all dentists in Airdrie offer the same services, so make a “wish-list” of the all services that you might need now, and in the future and check if that list is complete when you checkout a dental office Airdrie.

At least, you want a dentist that is capable of providing you with all the basic dental services and with the right dental relations to refer you to a specialist when necessary.

3. Check Qualifications
Verify that your dentist Airdrie is qualified and has a considerable amount of experience might sound like “going over the top” but … you don’t want to find out after the facts that you should have checked the dentist’s credentials.

4. Check the service rates
Does the dentist in Airdrie apply the Alberta Dental Fee Guide? Please realize that dental procedures pricing can vary significantly, depending on many treatment variables. Again, verify in advance, not after the facts when the dentist’s invoice is on your doormat.

5. Know about quality and experience
It’s simple, check out some reviews about this Airdrie dental Clinic. Scroll down in the reviews and read more than just two. It will provide you with a better perspective of who this dentist in Airdrie is, and what people say in regards to dental patient care at this Airdrie dental office.

How to make the world a better place?

“Be you. Think global. Speak your heart. Do good. Resolve problems. Support compromise. Generate action. Give generously. Strengthen hearts. Build bridges. Have a purpose. Instil trust. Create beauty. Work hard. Help others. Exceed expectations. Contribute to the world. Protect all creatures. Show compassion. Care about people. Raise spirits. Choose peace. Motivate yourself. Achieve the impossible. Embrace change. Promote unity. Maintain peace. Reinvent the future. Condemn hatred. Present ideas. Find balance. Make a difference. Reconcile conflict. Stick together. Eliminate fear. Keep faith. Reflect deeply.
Dr. Jennifer Buchanan, dentist Airdrie:
“Please don’t think: ‘Me first’. – Always think: ‘You first.’ It will truly make the world a better place.”
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