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Are you confused about the range of teeth whiteners and techniques available? There are certainly a huge variety of teeth whitening solutions you can use with varying degrees of effectiveness.

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Our protection equipment (PPE) meets the highest standards, our team is fully prepared, and the protocols to keep our patients entirely safe from any harmful exposure are in place.



A personal message from Dr. Buchanan:

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Our Motto Our Name

We chose the name of our dental office very consciously. Our motto is as simple as it is exceptional: YOU, your health, well being and satisfaction come FIRST. But… our commitment does not end with our patients, we care about our community, and the world around us.

Caring For Community

Even in this age of sharing everything, there are so many people who need support. All age groups are affected. They require help with (E.G.) expensive medical needs, anxieties caused by social media pressures or bullying, life threatening diseases, domestic abuse, unexpected financial disasters, or personal home care.

Everyone Is Important

Airdrie dental clinic You First Dental, supports the Airdrie Angel program, because they seek to help those who have been through a difficult time or are living in challenging circumstances. In our practice, you’ll find a donation display. Please give, because every dollar helps. Thank you!

How to make the world a better place?

Dentist Airdrie, Dr. Jennifer Buchanan:
Be you. Think global. Speak your heart. Do good. Resolve problems. Support compromise. Generate action. Give generously. Strengthen hearts. Build bridges. Have a purpose. Instill trust. Create beauty. Work hard. Help others. Exceed expectations. Contribute to the world. Protect all creatures. Show compassion. Care about people. Raise spirits. Choose peace. Motivate yourself. Achieve the impossible. Embrace change. Promote unity. Maintain peace. Reinvent the future. Condemn hatred. Present ideas. Find balance. Make a difference. Reconcile conflict. Stick together. Eliminate fear. Keep faith. Reflect deeply.

Don’t think: ‘Me first’. – Think: ‘You first.’ It will truly make the world a better place.


Making dentistry about you – one patient at a time.

Dr Jennifer


Focused on you being your best you

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Your smile is our priority

Giving top notch dental care while putting you first is our mission. It is something we are truly passionate about.

We love coming to work everY day

We help people live happier, healthier lives with a team of like minded people who also love what they do. What more can we ask for?

No Pain

Is our aim

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Is what we believe in

No fear

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You First Dental has become a trusted Airdrie dental clinic. At our Airdrie dental office you will find the following services:

Family Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Implants
TMJ Pain Treatment
Sleep Disorder Care
Dental Emergency
Sedation Dentistry

For the past 23 years, Dr. Buchanan has dedicated her career to providing relationship-based care to the people of Airdrie and surrounding communities. She is grateful to be witness to the evolution of many patients from young children to adults with careers and families of their own. Dr. Buchanan has complete respect for her patients and truly enjoys the interpersonal aspect of her work. Airdrie has been, and continues to be, an amazing community to practice within.

Airdrie dentist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan: “Without a doubt, my favourite thing about my dental office is my patients! I feel blessed everyday for the individuals who have followed me through my moves and continue to refer their family and friends. I value the diverse relationships afforded by patients. I also have to give a shout-out to the amazing team I work with. I feel well supported at work each day, because of them.”


Overview of our services


Family Dentistry

Dental Hygiene – Regular cleanings by our dental hygienist and dental exams are the most important tool in your oral healthcare toolbox.
Gum Disease – Detection and treatment of Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) can help avoid further dental health issues.
Dental Fillings – Dental fillings are used to restore damaged teeth back to their normal funtion and can prevent further tooth decay.
Root Canals – A root canal can help repair and possibly save a tooth that has become badly decayed or is infected.
Dental Sedation – For many going to the dentist is a stressful experience. Learn how we can make it easier.
Mouth Guards – Protect what you have while doing what you love with a custom mouthguard made just for you.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Crowns & Bridges – Dental crowns can be used to strengthen a tooth or fix its appearance and function. For larger gaps dental bridges are an option.
Dental Implants – When a tooth needs to be replaced entirely, an implant might be the right fit.
Teeth Whitening – If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, we offer professional teeth whitening.
Facial Rejuvenation – We can offer a combination of our services that can help improve the function and appearance of your smile and face.
Dental Veneers – Whether its about restoring the appearance of your smile or correcting a bite that’s been worn down, consider dental veneers.


Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth and want to know what could replace it? You may have heard of implants but are not sure if they are right for you. Dental implants are an alternative to partial or complete dentures or dental bridges.


TMJ Pain Treatment

If it hurts, your TMJ might be to blame. Learn more about TMJ Disorder & treatment options from our TMJ specialist.

Headaches & Migraines – If you’ve been dealing with chronic headaches or migraines, a dysfunctional TMJ might be to blame.
Botox for TMJ Pain – Living life with pain is challenging and TMJ pain can be difficult to treat. We offer Botox as part of a treatment plan.
TMJ Pain Relief – If you’ve been coping with TMJ Disorder related pain, relief might seem possible. Explore the options.
TMJ Pain Treatment – Learn more about the different treatments we offer for TMJ Disorder and relief for the pain it can cause.


Sleep Disorder Care

Sleep Apnea Appliance – Yes, your dentist at You First Dental may be able to help with your sleep problems. We can create a custom fit sleep appliance.
Snoring & Sleep Apnea – Are you struggling with sleep apnea? Can’t get a good night rest thanks to loud snoring?



Kids Braces – Help avoid serious problems when they are older. We offer braces for kids if anything needs straightening out.
Adult Braces – You don’t have to live with a crooked bite. We offer options for adults to get their smile straightened out with Invisalign.

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