Myth or Fact: Invisalign and braces are the same.

Myth or Fact: Invisalign and braces are the same.

Does Invisalign work as well as braces?

Jennifer Buchanan - Airdrie AB DentistAt You First Dental, Dr. Jennifer Buchanan has spent 25 years providing relationship-based dental care to her patients in the Airdrie area. Dr. Buchanan has treated hundreds of patients with orthodontics to achieve beautiful smiles and she can answer all your questions about which braces would work best for you. With Invisalign, she gives her patients the most efficient, comfortable, and affordable treatment to straighten their teeth. If finances are a limitation, Dr. Buchanan works with DentoPlan to assist patients with the costs of orthodontics. 


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses aligner trays which are made of comfortable, smooth BPA-free clear plastic. A series of these aligners are created based on digital photography of your current teeth, and software which designs each set of aligners to gradually move your teeth into their new place. The aligners are clear and invisible, so no one knows you are wearing braces. Patients wear aligners for 22-24 hours/day & night, and treatment time is 6 to 18 months.  Aligners are only removed for eating and cleaning. 

How does Invisalign work? 

Invisalign® braces are invisible, transparent, and removable aligners which are custom created to straighten your teeth gradually with no metal wires or brackets. Dr. Buchanan uses a 3D digital scanner to map out your teeth and create a plan for a series of aligners designed specifically for you. The aligners are made of safe, high grade plastic and they exert pressure on your teeth to move them gradually into their new straighter position. Every one to two weeks you switch to the next set of aligners which will move your teeth a little more into their new place. Depending on the starting position of your teeth and/or bite, the  time for treatment  can be as little as 6 months in some cases. Invisalign makes the aligners after a carefully planned and detailed treatment plan by Dr Buchanan.

What are the benefits of getting Invisalign? 

The fact the aligners are transparent is a tremendous benefit. Another benefit is that the aligners don’t interfere with eating all your favourite foods because you remove them to eat and drink anything other than water. Invisalign frees up time that might be spent making visits to the dental office for broken brackets or poking wires. Invisalign requires less dental office visits in general and can be managed virtually quite easily. Whereas brushing and flossing metal braces is a hassle, brushing and rinsing removable aligners is easy. Finally, Invisalign braces process is relatively painless and achieves results for most people in less time than the traditional metal wire braces. 


Here’s how easy it is to work with Dr. Buchanan: 

1.     Let’s meet and discuss your options
2.     Let’s make a plan for your braces
3.     Enjoy new self-confidence with your new smile! 

We believe in helping our patients achieve their very best smile.

Don’t go for “maybe later”!

  • Stop hiding your smile
  • Avoid feeling insecure and self-conscious
  • Escape being confused about all the options
  • Ditch wasting precious time not liking your smile
  • End worrying about cost “surprises”

Instead, go for “take care of myself now”!

  • Get the smile you’ve always wanted
  • Feel confident and happy
  • Know the facts about your options
  • Know the timeline
  • Find an affordable straight teeth solution!


Dr. Buchanan can help you achieve the smile you want and deserve!

Contact us today.

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Myth or Fact: A Smile Makeover will never look like real teeth!

Myth or Fact: A Smile Makeover will never look like real teeth!

Are You Looking for a Smile Makeover Dentist in Airdrie?

Are you done with being unhappy with your smile and want a smile makeover? You have a gummy smile, or a chipped tooth, yellow teeth, or crooked teeth, and you want to get a new smile. Everyone should have a smile they are happy to share with the world. But how much does a smile makeover cost? How long will it take? Will the results be permanent? Finding the right dentist for your smile makeover could be a challenge.

There are so many options for making changes to your smile and so much information that you feel insecure about which dentist to choose who can do smile makeover cosmetic dentistry.

Getting a Smile Makeover in Airdrie shouldn’t be confusing, and complex!

DAVID:  “I can’t stop smiling.”

ALISON: “It feels and looks so natural.”

How do you know you will be happy with the results and have a smile makeover in Airdrie that looks real and fabulous?

Jennifer Buchanan - Airdrie AB DentistAt You First Dental, we believe that getting a smile makeover should be clear, simple, and effective! With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Jennifer Buchanan is dedicated to providing relationship-based dental care to patients in Airdrie and the surrounding communities. She continues to upgrade her professional knowledge in the areas of Orthodontics, Orthodontics for Adults, TMJ pain, Sleep Apnea/Snoring, and Cosmetic Dentistry. She is experienced with all the potential procedures that might be involved for your smile makeover. She’s a big believer in great smiles![/caption]

“I like to think that laughing and smiling actually triggers part of your brain that makes you happy. It is my goal to give you a reason to smile!” – Dr. Buchanan

So, what is a “Smile Makeover”?

You might be interested in a smile makeover if you have crooked teeth, yellow or stained teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, a gummy smile, or missing teeth. To improve your smile, you may be looking at one or more of these dental treatments. Learn more about the impact of a smile makeover.

Orthodontic aligners
Metal braces and wires can make certain foods a “no-no”, and brushing and flossing a huge challenge. Now there are other options to braces. Invisalign orthodontic aligners can be  used in many ways to change the appearance of the teeth you want to showcase.

Dental Veneers
Veneers are an ideal solution for chipped or cracked teeth or to reshape teeth. For example, if your teeth are different lengths, veneers can even them out. While dental veneers are an effective way to change the appearance of the teeth you want to showcase in your new smile.

Dental Implants
For missing or non-restorable teeth, dental implants provide a permanent solution with titanium posts and a natural looking tooth. These are an ideal alternative to fixed bridges or dentures.

Teeth Whitening
Over time, our teeth can yellow from exposure to coffee, tobacco, or other substances. There are many over-the-counter options for whitening your teeth including gels, toothpastes, trays, and strips. At You First Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening.

Gummy Smile
If you want a gummy smile makeover, Dr. Buchanan can do  surgery to sculpt the gums to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. Whatever treatments you need to achieve your very best smile, You First Dental can provide them for you.

Here are the three easy steps to take towards your Smile Makeover: 

  1. See what the possibilities are for your smile
  2. Experience our “You First!” approach to dental care
  3. Get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Don’t go for “Maybe right”

  • Ditch the long ‘dentist selection’ process 
  • Stop Smile Makeover confusion
  • Forget about procedure uncertainty
  • Avoid disappointing results
  • Don’t get misled by unclear pricing

Go for “Always right”

  • Save time with good advice
  • Know exactly what treatments you need
  • Experience ourYou First treatment
  • Get the results you expect
  • Love your new smile!

Let Dr. Buchanan give you the smile you want and deserve! 

Contact us today.


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Myth or Fact? Dental Implants are too expensive

Myth or Fact? Dental Implants are too expensive

Looking for Dental Implants in Airdrie?

DELILAH:  “A great smile is worth the world to me.”

JONATHAN: “Dental implants made me feel like myself again.”

Did you Google: “Dental Implants Airdrie“? You’re at the right place. When you have missing teeth, every time you brush your teeth or smile into a mirror, you are reminded of how much you want a better smile. Dental implants seem like the right choice, but you might have many questions.

The #1 thing that people talk about is: ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS TOO EXPENSIVE?


View our 1 minute video

Some other questions are: Do different dentists have different prices for dental implants? Will your insurance pay for the cost of implants or only a portion? Can you finance your implant treatments?

A simple phone call or email will demystify this topic for sure. Rest assured, we have all the answers. Though the answers are never the same. They will be different for every individual, because we provide personalized dental implant solutions.

Dental implant treatment shouldn’t be scary, confusing, and expensive.

At You First Dental, we believe that dental implant treatment should be comfortable, clear, and … affordable. Our dental team has years of experience, all the certifications for dental implant treatment, while using cutting edge dental technology. After having treated hundreds of happy dental implant patients we all know the dramatic difference it can make to your self-confidence and your oral health

Why Dental Implants Airdrie?

Missing teeth can impact your self image, your ability to chew food properly , and your bite, and bone health. An alternative to having dentures or bridges are Dental implants. Titanium posts are inserted beneath the gum tissue into your jaw bone to support an artificial replacement tooth. Because missing teeth cause bone loss in the jaw bone, an added benefit of dental implants is that though they are inert and stimulate bone growth. A fixed bridge, crown or partial denture can be firmly attached to dental implants as well when there are multiple teeth missing.  After taking x-rays of your teeth and jaw bone, we can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants and what the best solution is for your missing teeth.

dental implants airdrie

3 simple steps to fixing your missing teeth

  1. Let’s determine a plan – together

  2. We’ll make your treatment as comfortable as we can

  3. Enjoy your newly improved smile!

Don’t go for “Hiding your smile”

  • Forget about your missing teeth
  • Ditch your fears about implant surgery
  • End confusion about pricing
  • Stop fretting about the cost of dental implants
  • Quit feeling insecure about your smile

Go for “Showing your smile”

  • Take control of your dental problem
  • Relax knowing more about the surgery
  • Understand how the pricing works
  • Establish a payment plan
  • Experience new confidence with your new smile


More frequently asked questions:

• Are dental implants considered to be major dental surgery?
• Is dental sedation the only option for pain management?
• Will my dental implants look real?
• Does every dentist provide dental implants?

So, Myth or Fact? The answer is of course: When you feel you’re worth it, it’s worth it!”


Dental Implants: Comfortable – Beautiful – Affordable

You First Dental in Airdrie can answer all your dental implants Airdrie questions. So let us restore your smile from “hiding” to “happy!” Contact us today.


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TMJ Disorder and How it Connects to Stress

TMJ Disorder and How it Connects to Stress

Abrupt changes in times of a pandemic like COVID-19 can cause emotional and psychological stress.

When experienced chronically,  it can unfortunately harm your health. One of such ways is by creating stressful sleep, which results in straining the jaw and potentially straining the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

TMJ disorder often causes the smooth movement of the jaw muscles to become restricted due to unpleasant pain. This can be a result of unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth and jaw as a stress response.

TMJ Disorder Treatment Options at You First Dental

Dr. Buchanan strives to always put you and your health first. She takes a highly personalized approach to your specific needs to get to the root cause of your dental complications.

If you are diagnosed with TMJ misalignment your Airdrie dentist Dr. Buchanan can use relaxation techniques to locate your optimal jaw positioning. Once the right position is found, a custom mouthguard can be designed to help realign your bite and therefore also your jaw.

A traditional approach to remedying this is the construction of a custom mouthguard to help lessen the impact of night grinding on your jaw. This method can be actualized once the world has healed more from COVID-19. In the mean-time, Dr. Buchanan is available to offer support and guidance through virtual means that can help prevent and mediate worsening jaw pain.

Seek TMJ Disorder Treatment at You First Dental 

At You First Dental, we are committed to addressing the root cause of your TMJ pain and help you find relief. While we can only address dental emergencies in-practice amidst COVID-19, we are here for our community and will support you from a safe distance.

You can contact Dr. Buchanan at 403-948-334 or online by clicking here. Everyone is important and we are wishing you safety, positivity, and good health during these times.

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7 Reasons to Consider Invisalign in Airdrie

7 Reasons to Consider Invisalign in Airdrie

The confidence that a beautiful, engaging smile can bring is absolutely priceless. That’s why our You First dentist in Airdrie has several options available to those looking to change their smile, straighten their teeth and correct bite related issues. We make it possible to get Invisalign in Airdrie which can treat a broad range of dental alignment issues.

7 Reasons to Consider Invisalign in Airdrie

Although traditional braces are an excellent option for those looking into orthodontic care, many patients are inquiring about Invisalign in Airdrie. If you aren’t quite sure which avenue is right for you, consider these 7 reasons benefits of Invisalign.

1. Say Goodbye to Metal Wires/Brackets

Traditional braces are made of metal wires and metal or ceramic brackets that are cemented to your  teeth, making them a semi-permanent fixture in your mouth. While these braces are effective, not everyone loves the look and  they require more work to maintain.  Invisalign gets rid of  those wires and brackets and replaces them with plastic aligners designed to move your teeth in small increments.

2. More Freedom to Eat Whatever You Want

With Invisalign, there are no restrictions to what or how you eat and drink. Traditional braces limit your options to certain foods in an effort avoid damaging the wires and brackets. You don’t have to worry about brackets falling off while eating or certain foods from sticking around the braces if not brushed immediately after eating.

3. Simpler for Those on the Go

Invisalign eliminates the inconvenience of emergency appointments that may occur due to de-bonded brackets and poking wires. Also, if you are away for work, university or vacation, there is more flexibility with Invisalign.

4. Invisalign Is A Low Maintenance Teeth Straightening Option

Say goodbye to hardware and awkward maintenance tools. Invisalign aligners are easy to care for with a simple rinse or light brushing.

5. Invisalign Users in Airdrie Feel More Confident with Their Smile

Some people using Invisalign in Airdrie  feel more confident with their smiles during treatment.

6. A Great Option for Adults and Professionals

Adults and professionals don’t want the stigma that comes with traditional braces, and our dentists in Airdrie understand that. Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, so there is no reason to be self-conscious.

7. Avoid Potential Dental Problems Associated with Traditional Braces

Traditional braces can lead to several potential issues if they aren’t cared for properly, such as tooth decay, uneven colouring and damage should the brackets be broken off. Avoid all that with Invisalign’s easy, low-maintenance aligners.

Invisalign Is a Great Option for Patients in Airdrie, AB

Invisalign aligners are an excellent option to traditional braces. They are low-maintenance, easy to use and leave patients feeling more comfortable with their smile throughout their entire treatment period.

Have questions about Invisalign in Airdrie? Contact us today at (403) 948-3342 or use our online booking form to make an appointment.

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Diabetes and Dental Health: Oral Care Tips from Your Airdrie Dentist

Diabetes and Dental Health: Oral Care Tips from Your Airdrie Dentist

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? If so, you could be at risk of not only developing serious health complications but dental issues as well.

To stay healthy, diabetics need to take extra precautions in their daily life, and that includes precautions when it comes to their dental health. Thankfully, with the help and support of an Airdrie dentist, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy and in good working order.

Impact of Diabetes On Your Oral Health & How An Airdrie Dentist Can Help

Can diabetes really impact your oral health as well as your general health? Absolutely. Here are just a
few of the oral conditions diabetes patients often experience:

  • Gum disease and infections due to diabetes reducing the blood supply to the gums
  • Tooth loss due to loss of bone caused by gum disease
  • Thrush, a fungal infection, which can lead to Burning Mouth Syndrome, caused by the inability to fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections
  • Dry mouth, caused by diabetes as well as medications, which can make gum disease worse and lead to tooth decay.

Fortunately, you can avoid these conditions by doing your best to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level and by seeing a dentist in Airdrie regularly.

Coming in for regular dental examinations can help your dentist catch problems early. Instead of ending up with a full-blown dental infection, your dentist can simply remove decay and fill a cavity. Additionally, a dental hygienist can reduce your risk of gum disease by cleaning your teeth at least twice a year.

Also, when your Airdrie dentist notices any changes in your oral health, she can alert you and your doctor to any additional health concerns that might be related to your diabetes.

4 Oral Health Tips For Diabetes Patients: How To Care For Your Dental Health

Here are just a few steps you can take to keep your teeth and gums healthy if you have diabetes.

  1. Control Your Blood Sugar – You’re less likely to develop dental conditions like diabetes if you’re able to keep your blood sugar levels
    in check. Work closely with your doctor and carefully monitor your diet to keep your body healthy.
  2. Floss Every Day, Brush Twice a Day – Use an electric toothbrush to get a thorough clean every time you brush. Try to brush after every meal,
    but if you can’t manage that, brush at least twice a day.

    Flossing is vital to prevent gum disease. A toothbrush won’t get down to the base of your gum pockets
    or in between your teeth. The only thing that can do that is floss. Make it a habit to floss every single

  3. Avoid Smoking – Smoking is bad for you whether you have diabetes or not. However, if you have diabetes and you smoke, you’re setting yourself up for a whole slew of problems, both medically and dentally. Get the support you need so you can put smoking behind you.
  4. As Soon as You Know You Have Diabetes, Inform Your Dentist – The best thing you can do for your oral health is inform your dentist whenever there’s a change in your general health. So, as soon as you’re diagnosed with a condition, like diabetes, let your dentist know.

Just about any disease can take a toll on your oral health, as well as your physical health. When you’re dealing with a serious health condition, the last thing you need is oral health issues on top of it. Do what you can to protect your oral health and make sure to let your Airdrie dentist know when you experience changes in your health. Doing so can save you a lot of time, pain, and frustration down the road.

Do you have any questions about diabetes and your oral health?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide you with oral care tips for your unique circumstances.

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