Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening solutions for yellowing teeth

header-image-teeth-whiteningHave you noticed that your teeth are no longer as white as they once were? Yellowing teeth can make you more self-conscious when in other people’s company.

There are several options available to deal with discoloured teeth. You can use at home teeth whitening solutions or professional teeth whitening. This is a safe teeth whitening procedure and will whiten teeth to improve your smile.

Generally speaking, healthy teeth and gums, that may have started to yellow through age or due to excessive coffee, tea and high staining foods make good candidates for teeth whitening.


Types of teeth whiteners

Are you confused about the range of teeth whiteners and techniques available? There are certainly a huge variety of teeth whitening solutions you can use with varying degrees of effectiveness.

These include over the counter products which you can use at home by carefully following the instructions supplied. These products include things like:

  • gel mixtures;
  • whitening toothpastes
  • rinses;
  • trays and
  • strips

The variety of products can be confusing and sometimes it’s hard to know what combination actually works. This is where the dentist could come to the rescue. In addition to the sort of products that you can use at home, you can get professional teeth whitening here at You First Dental in Airdrie.

Professional teeth whitening may be the most effective option

page-image-teeth-whiteningProfessional teeth whitening or in-office whitening is a safe teeth whitening solution and can be one of the fastest methods available to whiten teeth.

The whitening product is first applied onto the teeth, and then sometimes we use a laser or special light to speed up the action of the end product. You should see the first visible results after 30 to 60 minutes of treatment.

After several visits to our Airdrie surgery you should have whiter teeth and a better smile that will last a good deal longer than many of the home based teeth whitening solutions.  


You don’t have to live with yellowing or discoloured teeth

The appearance of your teeth is a very personal thing, but when they start to look discoloured or become yellow and it is affecting your self-esteem, it may be time to think about teeth whitening. If you want professional treatment it is available here at You First Dental in Airdrie.

A complimentary consultation will allow us to discuss the various options so you can choose what suits you best.