Abrupt changes in times of a pandemic like COVID-19 can cause emotional and psychological stress.

When experienced chronically,  it can unfortunately harm your health. One of such ways is by creating stressful sleep, which results in straining the jaw and potentially straining the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

TMJ disorder often causes the smooth movement of the jaw muscles to become restricted due to unpleasant pain. This can be a result of unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth and jaw as a stress response.

TMJ Disorder Treatment Options at You First Dental

Dr. Buchanan strives to always put you and your health first. She takes a highly personalized approach to your specific needs to get to the root cause of your dental complications.

If you are diagnosed with TMJ misalignment your Airdrie dentist Dr. Buchanan can use relaxation techniques to locate your optimal jaw positioning. Once the right position is found, a custom mouthguard can be designed to help realign your bite and therefore also your jaw.

A traditional approach to remedying this is the construction of a custom mouthguard to help lessen the impact of night grinding on your jaw. This method can be actualized once the world has healed more from COVID-19. In the mean-time, Dr. Buchanan is available to offer support and guidance through virtual means that can help prevent and mediate worsening jaw pain.

Seek TMJ Disorder Treatment at You First Dental 

At You First Dental, we are committed to addressing the root cause of your TMJ pain and help you find relief. While we can only address dental emergencies in-practice amidst COVID-19, we are here for our community and will support you from a safe distance.

You can contact Dr. Buchanan at 403-948-334 or online by clicking here. Everyone is important and we are wishing you safety, positivity, and good health during these times.

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