Facial Rejuvenation

Smile restoration in Airdrie, AB.

Facial rejuvenation could improve the look and function of your smile

Smile restoration can often make your smile seem more presentable. Cosmetic treatments used in smile rejuvenation can whiten teeth, improve the shape of your teeth, conceal chipped, crooked or damaged teeth, and even replace missing teeth. There is more to cosmetic treatments than appearance, as it can improve your overall oral health too.

Here at You First Dental in Airdrie, we can offer the following cosmetic dental procedures that restore teeth and restore smiles:

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Why consider a facial rejuvenation?

One’s appearance is a very personal matter and not everyone is as concerned about it as some. However, self-esteem can be an important motivating factor in many people’s lives and how you present your teeth when you open your mouth to speak, smile or yawn can be changed by dental practices.

There aren’t many people who would pass up the chance of improving their appearance and ensuring the optimum functioning of their teeth. Smile rejuvenation can not only help improve self esteem – you may find that you eat, chew and smile more effectively and even reduce some of the effects of older age.

Easy techniques for smile rejuvenation

If you wish to have teeth that seem whiter and more natural-looking, then our whitening techniques can help with that. We can even give you instructions on how to apply the chemicals yourself to keep the white in your smile.

If your teeth are too discoloured due to staining or aging, veneers are a long lasting alternative. Here at You First Dental in Airdrie they can be custom designed to your preferred colour and shape.

The use of porcelain veneers and crowns can help change the colour, size, shape and appearance of your teeth, depending on what you feel most comfortable with. They may be able to take that crooked smile, as well as any damaged and crooked teeth, away.

You may have forgotten that when you visited the dentist as a child it was commonplace to fill cavities caused by bacteria with amalgam filling material. These fillings are still used because of their durability, but can now be replaced by white fillings. These fillings match the natural tooth colour and can barely be seen by others, while still being quite durable.

Old amalgam fillings can be replaced with comparative ease, especially in smaller cavities. This type of conversion is one of the cosmetic treatments that are quite affordable.

Improving your smile may be a telephone call away

If you think that you could do with improving your appearance through smile rejuvenation you can call us You First Dental in Airdrie and ask for a smile rejuvenation analysis. We will discuss what you really want and the options available to make you feel more confident about the appearance of your smile.

You can book an appointment or complimentary consultation with us to discuss your options.

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