An athletic mouthguard for active people

mouthguard-airdrieAn athletic mouthguard is an appliance that sports people wear to protect their teeth from damage while undertaking their priority sport. Every year, millions of teeth are lost or damaged on sports fields due to the absence of a sports mouthguard or a poorly fitting one that does little to protect the teeth.

Mouth guards are designed to keep the teeth in good condition and they can also provide protection if you are hit in the jaw which could lead to concussion and even the loss of consciousness.


Why use an athletic mouthguard?

Injuries to the teeth occur most often in sports activities, which often mean there is a need to replace lost or damaged teeth when subjected to a forceful blow such as impact from an elbow movement.

Additionally, being hit at the base of the skull from a vertically directed blow could result in concussion. In the case of these two injuries, a mouthguard may play a significant role in preventing injury. Mouth guards play the role of relieving any stress targeted at the front teeth in a face to face collision by dispersing and absorbing the energy involved.

There are many different benefits to having a custom fitted athletic mouthguard:

  • Athletes are 60 times more likely to sustain teeth damage when they do not wear a gum shield for protection. Allegedly, a sports mouthguard and face guard prevent approximately 200,000 college and high school football injuries annually.
  • A dental implant, including follow-up dental treatment, could reach $5,000.
  • Every athlete who takes part in a contact sport has approximately a 10% probability every season of sustaining an orofacial injury
  • Each year in hospitals throughout Canada there are hundreds of victims of damaged or lost teeth that are treated due to sports injuries, which can cost thousands of dollars per victim.
  • The total replacement cost of an avulsed tooth when the tooth has been pulled right out of its socket may exceed the cost of a custom made mouthguard by 20 times.

How we can help to look after your mouth

sport-mouthguard-airdrieIf you think it is time to protect your teeth, we may be able to prepare a suitable mouthguard, which offers comfort, is of a suitable thickness, and intends to provide your teeth with protection they need. We will check your past dental history and take it into consideration and the sport you do before a suitable mouthguard is prepared.

We recommend the wearing of custom athletic mouth guards for a variety of sports, ranging from acrobatics, to football to hockey and for surfing, wrestling and many other sports that may involve contact with another person or an object.

A correctly made mouthguard by our dental team at You First Dental in Airdrie can help to protect your teeth from a surprise impact.


Are you looking after your mouth?

If you do play a lot of contact sports then it may be time to get serious about protecting your mouth. There are many different types of mouthguard which can be devised here at You First Dental in Airdrie and you never know when one just might help to protect you if you have an accident out on the field.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation with us to discuss your options for a mouth guard together.