Disturbed by your sleep and disturbed about CPAP?

cpap-alternative-airdrieHave you tried CPAP for your disturbed sleep patterns and found it uncomfortable? Are you looking for an alternative, which may give you some relief?

Sleep apnea treatment with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) has long been used as a solution for sleep apnea sufferers. This device has not always been a great favourite amongst users because it can be uncomfortable and noisy, although it is still an effective product and is a preferred option for some of our sleep apnea patients.


How do sleep apnea treatment options work?

Sleep apnea occurs when the body pauses from time to time between breaths because of a temporary blockage in the airways. It is often found necessary to use some sort of device, which will prevent any blockage in the airways so that the patient is able to breathe normally.

The aim of any sort of sleep apnea device as part of overall treatment is not to have to endure sleep disruption. This is what occurs too often when you momentarily stop breathing.

CPAP has been proven to be a successful device. The machine consists of a mask that is placed over the nose and mouth with attached pipes which carry air into the lungs.

Despite its effectiveness, some of our sleep apnea patients find it too hard to use. Only about 23 percent of users get used to using it successfully, but there are less invasive alternatives available, and we offer some at You First Dental here in Airdrie.

CPAP alternatives are special dental appliances

page-image-cpap-alternativeAlternatives to CPAP include appliances that are made up of two U-shaped plates that when connected together work like a hinge.

At You First Dental in Airdrie our team is able to make a custom designed sleep apnea appliance according to your precise measurements. It changes the position of your lower jaw and tongue so as to prevent the air passages from collapse while at sleep.

There are also lingual tabs, which hold the appliance in place. The sleep apnea mouthpiece is quite comfortable and also not visible. This sleep apnea mouth guard is becoming increasingly popular with people suffering from sleep apnea and of course it’s only worn at night.

It not only helps to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea, but can help stop you snoring excessively, too. We offer multiple types of sleep apnea mouth guards made by various brands. We can discuss these options with you.


Time to wake up feeling ready for the next day

When you have decided you have had enough of CPAP or are concerned about using it, you could arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our dental team at You First Dental in Airdrie to discuss the alternatives, which just might work for you.

Once we are sure we have the right diagnosis, a mouth guard can be custom designed to suit your mouth. Effective sleep apnea treatment options, which can be made as comfortable as possible can make your sleep easier and deeper.