Visiting the dentist is one of those compulsory activities in everyone’s life. You might not look forward to it, but it is necessary for an overall healthy lifestyle. With children, a strategic approach is key because your child’s first dental visit can be scary. For this reason, it is important to find professional, fun, understanding and experienced dental practitioners like ours at You First Dental, your family dentist in Airdrie.

How Should I Prepare My Child for Their First Family Dentist Visit?

Child's First Visit to Family Dentist Airdrie

Preparation is the key to fostering a healthy, fun, and friendly relationship between your child and your family dentist in Airdrie. For many, it is a relationship that lasts for years and can be a positive experience for your child. This will help to avoid anxiety they might have about dentists in the future.

Here are two simple steps you can take:

  • Research the dentists in your area
  • Talk to your child about the great benefits of practicing good dental hygiene

Conduct Adequate Research

Researching your dentist is essential!

Not only do you want a practice with a good reputation, but also you need practitioners who care about your family’s dental health as much as you do. You also want a dentist who your child will find kind and approachable.

Read reviews on Google, Facebook & Yelp. Call the dental clinics you are considering and ask questions. See if you can arrange a meet and greet to get a sense of what the office and the team that would be treating your child is like.

If you are unsatisfied, do not be afraid to try other dentists until you find one that you and your child both love.

Talk to Your Child about the Benefits

Emphasizing good dental habits from an early age ensures that your child grows to appreciate and understand the importance of them.

Teach them, in a relatable and playful manner, about how their family dentist helps to get rid of plaque and are the “defenders” against future cavities. You can have a little fun with it and use some story telling. Break it down into an engaging tale about knights, dragons & trolls, and a kingdom. Or you can get creative and use another theme that better suites your child’s interests!

Prepare your kids for a positive first dental visit

Be the Example Your Child Should Follow

Children hold high regard for their parents when they are young. If they see you happy about visiting the dentist and you set a good example about taking care of your teeth, often they will do the same.

Children can have an understandable fear of dentists. They are often introduced to your family dentist around age two to three. The may find being surrounded by strangers upsetting. Perhaps the many pointy, noisy tools in the dentist office are scary for them. Plus, those unfamiliar sensations in their mouth and strange smells in the clinic, can trigger a lot of anxiety.

Setting the stage for a pleasant visit to the dentist can be crucial at the outset of their dental experience.

Booking Your Child’s First Dental Visit

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