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What’s NEW with dentist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan?


Here’s what’s NEW for 2016:

map-marker NEW practice location. Yes, we’re moving this August!

map-marker NEW practice name… YOU FIRST DENTAL

map-marker NEW practice logo. See below!


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NEW PRACTICE and NEW LOCATION per August 2016!


What will NOT change is our “YOU FIRST” approach to patient care. It’s simple really:

At You First Dental, YOU, your health, well-being and satisfaction always come first.
We think that makes total sense.

So, can we count on you to follow us to our NEW AIRDRIE LOCATION?
We’re looking forward to see you at our NEW location this August!

The new address per August 2016:
130, 52 Gateway Drive
Airdrie, Alberta T4B 0J6

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Dr. Jennifer Buchanan


Pssst… Here’s a sneak peek of our new practice…

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 Our secret is… You First!

JenniferphotoWe’ve been looking for a new name (or actually a new ‘Brand’) for a long time. Now, coming up with a new name is… easy. Coming up with a ‘Good’ name though, is hard. We had lots of people around us with smart, intriguing or crazy ideas, but after reviewing the long list of suggestions, nothing was sticking out that I really liked. Dental practice names like ‘Sunshine Dental’, ‘Prime Dental’, or ‘Revive Dental’ weren’t bad, but it didn’t reflect what I really wanted to convey: We really care about you, our patient.

So we thought, let’s talk about what is important.

We decided to define our philosophy first — on paper. Yes, I actually sat down one night with an old-fashioned note-block and a pen and wrote down what I think is important.  It was easy for me to see pretty quickly that you are what is important to me as your dentist.  Many of my clients are long-term patients who have become like our extended family, we have a relationship and we really do care.  That part was easy.

It became clear.

So if you are what is important to me then I need to understand what matters to you?   I see this as your pride in your smile, your dental concerns, your potential fears and dental anxiety, your happiness, your comfort and your overall health.  It became clear that this is also what was important to me as well. When I consider YOU FIRST only then can I focus on what is important to me as your dentist.  And at that moment I knew that YOU FIRST said it all and our new name was born.

The rest was easy.

You First fit well with our goal to provide the most advanced, personalized care in a relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere that focused on the needs of our extended family – you.  It was the perfect fit.

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Dr. Jennifer Buchanan




  1. Hi, I’ve moved to Calgary and am seeing a different dentist. You were the best dentist I’ve ever had and wish you were in Calgary. Thank you for the best dental experience ever.

  2. I will definitely be following you to the new location. Congratulations on the new practice. I wish you every success!

  3. Absolutely, I will follow Dr. Buchanan and her team wherever they choose to relocate. I am very happy with the dental care I currently receive and look forward to this continuing, as she moves to her new practice!
    Gaye Hopkins

  4. I look forward to your new location as well as my family please keep me up dated as to when you are moving. I very much like the service Jennifer provides. Direct billing is very important to us and you have continued this practice as long as we have been clients
    Thank You
    Garth Richardson

    • Hi Edward,
      Thank you for your message!
      As of August 2 our new address will be 130, 52 Gateway Drive (Airdrie, Alberta)

    • Hi Ricardo,
      Thanks for your message. Our new address will be 130, 52 Gateway Drive (Airdrie, Alberta) T4B 0J6. We plan to be at our new location by August 2.

  5. Is all the staff moving with you, in particular Megan, the dental hygienist and Dr. Dong?

    • Hi Robert,
      All of Dr. Buchanan’s team will be moving with her. This of course includes Meghan. Dr. Dong is away from the office having a baby, Dr. Buchanan is happy to see you.

  6. What is the new address?
    Are your fees changing?
    Will you bill insurance directly?
    Is Barb (hygienist) moving with you?


    • Hi Sonja,
      Our new address will be 130, 52 Gateway Drive (Airdrie, Alberta) T4B 0J6. We’ll be settled in our new location August 2
      Fees and direct billing to insurance will remain exactly the same 🙂
      Of course, we love Barb too!
      Thank you so much for your support

  7. Thank you for the message look forward to the new location. And all the same staff I hope.

  8. As long as Barb goes with you, you can count me in !! Look forward to seeing the new office !!

  9. I am definitely following you to your new location.
    Wishing you lots of success!